Most people can't afford to wait for banks because they require large amounts of paperwork, financials, tax returns, personal guarantees, collateral and high credit.

Running a business is hard work. Getting funding from Credit Wise Choice is not. We will offer our performance-based model that makes fair financing available to thousands of well-run businesses that just miss the cut for traditional bank loans. We will analyze the volume of cash flow in your business, which is a better indicator of your company’s financial health than your personal credit score. This allows us to lend to businesses that would otherwise be locked out of fairly priced capital. By changing the evaluation process, Credit Wise Choice has made it easy for you to receive loan at fair rates.

Many  entrepreneurs and small to medium size business owners do not know where to go when traditional banks cannot fund their loan requests to start up, expand their businesses or better manage cash flow.
Mark & Vivian Kane – Co-Founders of Credit Wise Advisors

Mark Kane is a successful entrepreneur, author, business owner, and spent 17 years as an investment banker. He understands the challenges of building a business through equity, debt and off-balance sheet financing, maintaining cash flow, making payroll, business expansion and inventory/equipment management. He began his career as a Psychologist working for both private non-profit and for profit institutions. By the age of 23, he became the hospital’s youngest Hospital Administrator running a 100+ bed facility. He built two businesses to over 500 employees and built a business from scratch to over $18M in revenue in 18 months before selling.

Vivian Kane wanted to create Credit Wise Advisors to help business owners and their businesses get business funding and at highly competitive rates. She has a great understanding of the challenges that small to medium size business are faced with everyday due to bottom line cash flow. Fifteen years ago she started a company setting up small businesses with ACH transactions when ACH monthly transactions were revolutionary. This enabled her to understand the critical importance of cash flow management. As a result, she became extremely successful facilitating cash flow solutions to hundreds of small and medium size businesses that were always a day late and a dollar short. She began her career as a Marketing Director for a small regional hospital. She has a consultative approach to selling and love helping people and companies reach their goals.

At Credit Wise Choice, our mission is to provide business owners the capital to achieve financial credibility resulting in your business, which provides you, the owner, long-term access to funding and wealth. Together we will positively impact the survival and success rate of Small Business in America.